CARERS Act of 2019

The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act (CARERS Act, H.R.127) is bipartisian legislation that addresses the disconnect between federal cannabis policy and state law.  It is peace-of-mind legislation for millions of Americans who use cannabis medicinally. And, it is hope for millions more who need better treatments.

Contact your United States legislators and voice your support for this bill.


Three reasons (read: talking points) that your Rep. should co-sponsor this bill:

1.  Codifying protections for state-complaint medical cannabis businesses and patients will ensure the continuation of the federal government’s hands-off approach to medical cannabis in states with existing programs.

2.   Removing CBD from the Controlled Substances Act, increasing the number of government-approved grow facilities, and allowing more researchers to conduct studies, advances cannabis science. With a growing number of Americans turning to medical cannabis to treat conditions that defy traditional therapies, it is increasingly important that we better understand this pharmaceutically active plant.

3.  Veterans will be able to use medical cannabis without fear of losing benefits. A 2019 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) study shows fewer than 1/3 of veterans talk to their doctors about their medical cannabis use. By authorizing VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis to veterans who reside in states with medical cannabis programs, and permitting them to assist veterans in registering for those programs, CARERS ensures continuity of care and safeguards veteran benefits for those who treat their conditions with medical cannabis.  

    According to the IAVA study, 1 in 5 veterans use medical cannabis, and 91% of veterans would be interested in exploring cannabis as a treatment option if it were available to them. Since millions of veterans rely on the VA for healthcare, CARERS would make a profound and positive difference for this community.


Want to read the proposed legislation? Link here. Then, contact your United States Representative and let them him/her: Support the CARERS Act.